28 November, 21:00

Over 3,000 Participants From 35 Countries and Investments in Moscow Region Dairy Industry: Results of 5th International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum

This year, more than three thousand participants from 35 countries took part in the 5th International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum, and 14 investment agreements for the total amount of more than 7 billion rubles were signed.

27 November, 20:30

Over 2,500 People Attended First Day of Dairy Forum

The 5th International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum opened the d0oors to delegates, government officials, experts, exhibitors and visitors in the Government House of the Moscow region.

27 November, 16:30

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: Measures to Dairy Industry Support in 2019 to Continue While Capital Costs Are to Be 25%

This was stated by Oksana Lut, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, at the International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum in the Moscow Region.

23 November, 14:06

Half of Government Support for Agricultural Production of Moscow Region Goes Towards Dairy Industry

The Government Program "Agriculture of the Moscow Region" to be implemented until 2020 started in the Moscow Region in 2014.

22 November, 11:50

EcoRancho in Mozhaisk District Received Two Grants

David Saakyan received almost 60 million rubles from the Moscow Region for the development of its agribusiness.

21 November, 16:00

Welcome Address by Moscow Region Governor to Dairy Forum Participants

Dear participants and guests of the 5th International Agricultural and Industrial Dairy Forum.

I am happy to welcome you in the Government House of the Moscow Region.

19 November, 11:00

Moscow Region is Favorable Region to Develop Organic Agriculture

On January 1, 2020, the Law On Organic Products will enter into force and give legal recognition to the production of organic agricultural products in the country.

15 November, 20:30

Over 60 Countries to Participate in V International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum in Krasnogorsk

Delegates from more than 60 countries and representatives of about 30 official diplomatic missions are going to take part in V International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum which will take place on November 27 to 28 in Krasogorsk.

12 November, 11:00

Intellectual Partner of Milk Forum National Union "Soyuzmoloko" and Ministry of Agriculture Signed Agreement of Cooperation

The purpose of the agreement is creating conditions for the sustained operation of agribusiness and the development of milk and dairy product market.

25 October, 12:00

Government to Increase Provisions to Support Farming Equipment

On October 24, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation considered the issue of agricultural support.

25 October, 10:00

Dairy Forum in Moscow to Determine New Rules in Industry

Experts are going to discuss the important issues and main trends in the Russian dairy industry at the 5th International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum which will be held on November 27 to 28, 2018, at the House of Moscow Region Government, This year, the public interest in the agricultural sector has exceeded all the expectations while foreign trade publications call Russian agribusiness industry the second most important one in the country’s economy after oil and gas.

19 October, 10:00

A delegation from New Aquitaine (France) will take part in the V International Agricultural Dairy Forum

On October 17, 2018, Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government, met with the representatives of the «House of Russia in Agen» of the French Republic. The main topic of the meeting was the further strengthening of economic ties between businesses in France and the Moscow Region.

17 October, 10:00

Business Dialogue on Future of Dairy Sector to Be Discussed at 5th International International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum

During the 5th International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum to be held in a business dialogue format, the authorities and representatives of the main trade unions are going to discuss the creation of a new strategy that will define the main courses and targets for the dairy industry development for the next ten years.

12 October, 10:00

100 Mln Ruble Grants to Cheesemongers

A grant competition was held on October 5, 2018. Four grant proposals out of eight with a total value of 100 million rubles were selected. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, the grants were provided to four cheesemongers based in the Moscow Region.

Source:The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region

08 October, 08:00

Registration Started for the 5th International Agricultural Dairy Forum

On November 27-28, 2018 the House of the Government of Moscow region will host the 5th International Agricultural Dairy Forum organized by the Government of Moscow region with the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.


Government of Moscow Region

with support of

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation


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